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Modular Desert Tomb

Modular Desert Tomb

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Modular Desert Tomb Set
This fantastic set that includes altars, tombs, burial chambers, and more. With over 75 pieces, you can arrange them any way you want for a truly unique play area. The set even comes with stone pillars, sarcophagus sets, mummies tables, and other scatter pieces. I think you'll really enjoy all the features this set has to offer. Let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like to place an order.
in 15mm each piece is 1.25x1.25x1.25
in 28mm each piece is 2.5x2.5x2.5inches
in 32mm each piece is 3x3x3 inches

Room Expansions available, each expansion comes with appropriate accessories and scatter
Main Room
Treasure Room
Round Room
Mummy Room

As this is a 3D printed item, there may be layer lines, and other imperfections. To remove them, you can fill, sand, and prime it.

There may be some "assembly" required.

This is Printed in 28mm Scale other scales are available

made of Grey PLA

We post Progress photos on Facebook or instagram @centrion3d and you are welcome to follow along.

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