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Cathedral Ruins, Ladders, Platforms, Modular Cave Interiors, & Damaged Fountains -28mm Scale - Ruins -Gamescape3d

Cathedral Ruins, Ladders, Platforms, Modular Cave Interiors, & Damaged Fountains -28mm Scale - Ruins -Gamescape3d

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The Set is a Massive collection of ruins, Scaffolding, Ladders, and scatter.

This can be printed in Grey, a silk Red or Copper.

This set includes
3 large gothic Church facades including one over 12 inches tall (abbey tall, Abbey Short, Cathedral) ,
Cave Rubble,
a large selection of interior walls and nibbled floor sections,
labyrinth stones,
several ladders,
block road caps,
scaffolding platforms & water features.

All facades have a scaffolding system designed into them for multi-level play.

Ladder rungs are designed to hold most standard mini bases for people who count ladder height into game movement.

Labyrinth Stones.
7 Designs.
Highly organic X shaped stone formations that work together to provide endless blind corners and short sight lines.

Intended to provide interior terrain settings for skirmish games like Frostgrave.

This set will also work fine for exterior settings and many other RPG games/scenarios.

The wall system is developed specifically for FrostGrave and other skirmish games.
It is designed to depict interior spaces when it is advantageous to ignore flooring and external border walls because they are implied or quick set up is needed.

The walls include a set with 6x2mm magnet slots and another set of 7 parts to be used as free standing scatter walls.

The room walls include 11 parts including: 2 corners, 1 T, 1 X, 3 walls with doors, end cap, 3 walls (both sets include 3, 4.5, 9 inch).
7 floor rubble designs intended to work together to provide complex fields of movement.

Damaged Fountains: 5 Designs.
This set includes 2 damaged plaza style fountains and 3 interior wall fountains.

Scaffolding Platforms. This set offers a stand-alone expansion to our scaffolding system It includers 3 platform sizes, each platform has 3 base options available for a total of 9 platform designs. Platform sizes are 8,6, and 4 inches. Platform base heights include 2, 4, and 6 inches.ew

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