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Centrion 3D Studios

Ashfall City Theatre, Theater

Ashfall City Theatre, Theater

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Size- Scale

This theater caters to tabletop gaming enthusiasts who are looking for a unique RPG experience set in an abandoned city. The theater is equipped with a stage/screen, 24 seats, a ticket booth, and a concession stand that features vending machines, a register, a counter, and a popcorn maker. If you venture upstairs, you'll find the projector room that houses a stack of reels on the floor next to an old projector that's pointed right through the peep hole and at the big screen. As for the dimensions, this structure is about 10 x 11 inches and stands approximately 9 inches tall with a large flat roof.
This is a large model
Part of the Ashfall City collection

We take pride in our creations and do the very best to produce the highest quality prints. 95% of all supports are removed, we try to get them all because we loose assemble every build but sometimes we miss a few.
All shipping is included and we will do our best to package and protect each piece of the model. If for any reason any of the parts are damaged during shipping or do not arrive in the condition expected please give us the opportunity to replace any component.

This Comes as an assembly kit
As this is a 3D printed item, there may be layer lines, and other imperfections. To remove them, you can fill, sand, and prime it.
There may be some "assembly" required.
This is Printed in 28mm Scale

Miniature is made of Grey PLA

I post Progress photos on Facebook and Instagram @centrion3d and you are welcome to follow along.

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