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T-72A Tank, Moveable Turrets, Modern Warfare, Tanks, Gun Turrets,

T-72A Tank, Moveable Turrets, Modern Warfare, Tanks, Gun Turrets,

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The T-72A featured a new turret with thicker, nearly vertical, frontal armor. Due to its appearance, it was unofficially nicknamed "Dolly Parton" armor by the US Army. This used the new ceramic-rod turret filler, incorporated improved glacis laminate armor, and mounted new anti-shaped-charge Sid skirts.

We take pride in our creations and do the very best to produce the highest quality prints. All shipping is included and we will do our best to package and protect each piece of the model. If for any reason any of the parts are damaged during shipping or do not arrive in the condition expected please give us the opportunity to replace any component.

This Comes as an assembly kit

As this is a 3D printed item, there may be layer lines, and other imperfections. To remove them, you can fill, sand, and prime it.
There may be some "assembly" required.

Miniature is made of Grey PLA

We post Progress photos on Facebook and instagram @centrion3d and you are welcome to follow along.

Official Licensed Merchant of M_Bergman Tanks and Vehicles, 1917-Modern

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