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Small Castle Ruins Kit, 28mm Scale, Tabletop Terrain, Gaming Miniature, Tabletop Scenery

Small Castle Ruins Kit, 28mm Scale, Tabletop Terrain, Gaming Miniature, Tabletop Scenery

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Ruin Sets and Parts

Small Ulvheim Castle Ruins Kit
Small Midevil Ruins Kit

Small Ruins kit with connectors snap the parts together in order to create the configuration that adds depth to your adventure.

Corner post with Broken Walls and nibbled floors will give any seasoned GM a great place to create an unforgettable adventure.

These configurations can be combined to create a more massive structure and additional parts are available and can be printed as needed.

We do offer smaller packs of full floor, nibbled floor, wall sections, floor caps , column tops, and connectors to add on to your Ruins adventures.

This set includes
1 nibbled floor sections that is 4 inches wide
1 floor cap (jagged end sections to complete a floor out crop)
1 open archways 4x4x1
1 corner post
2 Partial Ruined Wall sections
10 side to side floor connectors
4 top to bottom stacking pegs

In addition to this set please see additional pieces that can be added so you can create your own ruins castle! Each additional Piece comes with 4 snap clips and 4 top posts, wall parts come with a ruined stone top

This miniature is perfect for any tabletop game including:
Dungeons & Dragons
Fantasy themed games
Board game miniatures

(Miniatures/Furniture is not included) This Miniature is printed in several different parts and takes a many hours to print. we print on many printers at the same time but it will still take several days to print all of the parts. please allow about 3-5 days after the order for us to print assemble and ship.

Comes as an assembly kit - Unpainted- some sections will be welded together for ease of assembly and structural integrity

As this is a 3D printed item, there may be layer lines, and other imperfections. To remove them, you can fill, sand, and prime it.
There may be some "assembly" required.
This is Printed in 28mm Scale

Miniature is made of unpainted Ultra Strong PLA in Pearl Grey

I post Progress photos on the Centrion3d Facebook page you are welcome to follow along.

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